About Us

International Society of English Language Studies (ISELS) is an academic research based organization. ISELS aims to brings together English language scholars and researchers in the world. Our holistic endeavor includes the establishment and promotion of academic/professional researchers/students and their valuable contributions by providing them an electronic platform where they can publish their researches and contributions in order to have larger readership. ISELS seeks an effectual role to play in the development of training, research, leadership and knowledge management skills not only among its members but also in its readers so that society could enable the transfer of knowledge among world’s researchers.

Our Vision

Emphasizing on creation, dissemination and protection of knowledge by our valued intellectuals, professionals, scholars & researchers and leveraging their collective wisdom.

Our Mission

Develop the world’s largest directories of academic e-publications in the field of English Language and to provide the International platform where the intellectuals, scholars and researchers could exchange views and share ideas.

Aims & Objectives

  • To create a greater consciousness of the need for intellectual knowledge in the field of English Language. 
  • To provide students, researchers, professionals and scholars with a platform where they can publish their articles, research assignments, reports, research papers, presentations.
  • To provide students, researchers, professionals and scholars with a platform where they could upload their profiles in order to get electronic recognition all over the world. 
  • To provide international research institutions, organizations, investment institutions, universities and funding agencies with a database of researchers/scholars/professionals where they can easily find their desired research team.
  • To provide space for universities and institutions to advertise their academic activities relvant to conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, and  job announcements.