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International Society of English Language Studies (ISELS) is an international online platform delivering support and services to researchers and students around the world. ISELS was established in 2018 and is emerging as a new forum for research in various areas of English language. In partnership with research institutions, community organizations, enterprises, and foundations, ISELS strives to support and promote education and research development, including international education projects, and scientific publications. ISELS publishes scholarly journals in a wide range of academic fields, including linguistics, literature, translation, social sciences, and humanities. These journals deliver original, peer-reviewed research from international scholars to a worldwide audience. All our journals are available in electronic form and are available for free download online.


  • To create a greater consciousness of the need for intellectual knowledge in the field of English Language. 
  • To provide students, researchers, professionals and scholars with a platform where they can publish their articles, research assignments, reports, research papers, presentations.
  • To provide students, researchers, professionals and scholars with a platform where they could upload their profiles in order to get electronic recognition all over the world. 
  • To provide international research institutions, organizations, investment institutions, universities and funding agencies with a database of researchers/scholars/professionals where they can easily find their desired research team.
  • To provide space for universities and institutions to advertise their academic activities relvant to conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, and  job announcements.

Our Journals

International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies

Publication Ethics and Guide for Authors


Authorship credit should be based on substantial contribution to paper, drafting the article or reviewing and introducing fundamental changes in it.

Duplicate Publications

It is prohibited for an author to submit manuscripts describing essentially the same research to more than one journal of primary publication.

Sources of Data and Ideas

Authors are required to acknowledge and identify contributions of other persons to their reported work and identify sources of both data and ideas.

Conflicts of Interest

All participants in publication process who are in the situation of a conflict of interest, must disclose this fact.

Reviewing and Editing

All journals of ISELS are peer-reviewed. Submitted papers are evaluated by experts specialized in the article field.

Content license

ISELS applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license for scholarly work it publishes.



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